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The Lord's Manor House, was usually a grand house or even a fortified castle. Medieval manor houses were owned by the owner of the nearby houses, or Medieval England's wealthy - those who were at or near the top of the feudal system. Manor houses were used to control the surrounding lands and to house the king and his family. Manors were built of natural stone and they were built to last. Their very size was an indication of a lord's wealth. All lords would seek to impress other members of the nobility and the grander the manor the more self-important a lord might feel. Even the entrance to your manor was designed to make a statement about your importance. Very few original Medieval manor houses still exist as many manor houses were built onto over the next centuries. Many Castles or Manor houses had a forest near them, for the king to use as his hunting grounds, which no peasant could enter and hunt without permission. Manor houses also had many fields of grass, where tournaments and festivals were held, but these were usually held in the village green. Lords would not have any crops near their manor, because it was taxed from villages.    Microsoft Word Clipart "castles"